Hit Reset – Vote NOTA

The 2012 elections bring us 2 false options, one marginally worse than another.  Citizens are hugely dissatisfied with the American political process, yet feel powerless to avert disaster.  “The 99 Percent” and “Occupy Wall Street” movements struck a passionate chord but made too little impact.  We cannot endure anymore rigged elections!  Citizens expect a real and meaningful choice.  No election is valid without the ability to deny consent!  We do have this alternative:  “None of the Above” is not the same as withholding your vote.  NOTA is an affirmative input, demanding a new electoral process.

Vote “None of the Above” in 2012.  This entry does not appear on ballots. (Politicians fear the strict accountability to their voting public, arising from a pure democracy.)  So write it in.

NONE OF THE ABOVE…  The only vote we can all agree on!  Pass it on.


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